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Vaccination – The Ultimate Money Shot – 17 Shocking Short Videos!!



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There is no doubt that vaccines are big business for some very large companies. There is a tremendous amount of pressure being placed on legislators, physicians and parents to vaccinate every man woman and child on the planet as much and as often as possible. The idea is that this will keep everyone healthier and happier.

The main stream media reports that there is no danger in getting vaccinated and that vaccines are 100% safe. It makes perfect sense when you consider that the advertisers paying the networks are the ones promoting the vaccines.

Up until recently, we have not heard much from credentialed individuals refuting these claims. That is until now.

More and more credentialed doctors, scientists and legislatures are beginning to do their own research and discover what has been kept hidden for years.

Here we have gathered a number 17 short clips from numerous doctors, scientists and others who have very a different opinion about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. If you have been looking for some alternative information on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, we hope this will begin shine a light on truth that has been kept in the dark for far too long.

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